Went fishing this weekend! Looking forward to doing it more, now that I have some gear.

No fish but I did take home this nice catch ❤️

Saw . It was (imo) the best Marvel film since Endgame. I liked it even better then the first GotG. The story is rich and the characters are fantastic. I cried...a lot... and the ending made it worth it.

AND (I didn't add this as I don't want to take away from the point) a lot of the folks pushing for change ARE MALE PRESENTING. I'm very thankful to work alongside (esp at MFF) men who WANT to elevate voices that are not cis gay men. I'm thankful for them. We need them.

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The "furry hates women" discourse is back on Twitter. Here is my hot take: Yes, furry has an issue with women. It's because the world has an issue with women.
It isn't just a furry problem. It's a society one.

There are folks who are actively combating it. You can to. Speak up & don't put up with misogynistic systems/people. No matter where.

I'm gonna say it: I will 100% show up for whomever the dem canidate is AND I don't think Biden can win again. We look at the country and things are ON FIRE and Biden is doing THE BARE MIN... with trans folks red states are erasing folks out of law/ removing medical care and the WH generally silent... abortion hasn't been federally protected. We need someone with a Bernie following with a spine. I don't think people will show up for Biden. I'm worried about 2024. Anyone else feeling this way?

That moment I take a landscaper to the back of the house and without fail they make a comment about it. I wait for them to voice their opinon and most have asked to know who did it. I look them dead in the eyes and say "I did" and listen to them backtrack 🤣 I've brought in a few for estimates to sculpt and put down topsoil. I really did move about 60 t of dirt and try to sculpt it myself. I know it looks bad but it's HILARIOUS to see them put their foot in their mouth.

I haven't made it known, but Brandon and I are building a Tiki bar in the basement. My new hyperfocus is learning everything I can about Polynesian Pop history, rum, & cocktails. These two books are EXCELLENT if any of those things interest you! I'm also cruising estate sales and auctions looking fo decor. Pictured are two mugs I got in auction from The Kahiki, which was a legendary tiki bar in Columbus. They are sitting on a rattan and bamboo bar stool set that I got at auction.

I do this thing when I dl an app and forget it exists... today I remembered I had this account. Here is a cat.

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I did a thing today. I submitted my 6wk notice to the group practice I'm at. I'm opening my own practice and putting my own shingle in the world. My last day at the group is end of Feb.

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All it has done is rain the past week and stayed just above freezing. My neighbor has a stream in his yard. IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR THIS TO BE SNOW?!

I'm lowkey obsessed with the reindeer design in Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer. They are so under appreciated.

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Watched Puss in Boots: The Last Wish last night, and yeah yeah yeah the Death Wolf, I get it furry fandom, sure, he’s great. But I’ve seen no love for the 3 Bears at all. I fucking love them. Baby especially but all of them. The silhouettes, the angular-yet-still-soft shapes in the faces, the approach to the fur texture on them, the animation performance. Dreamworks crushed this movie top to bottom, imo. But the Bears were my standout.
#PussinBootsTheLastWish #3Bears

I realized something today...I kinda vanished from the fandom in 2012 until about 2016. Then I went fandom "hard mode" pretty quickly. I moved up in con leadership, joined a board, got another fursuit, and was interviewed on international news within a span of only a couple of years 🤣 Lol. People keep giving me things to do- so I guess I'll just keep doing them. Can't wait to see what happens in the next couple of years!

When I see this trending I now have a trauma response of sudden panic and dread 🤣😭😭

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