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I did a thing today. I submitted my 6wk notice to the group practice I'm at. I'm opening my own practice and putting my own shingle in the world. My last day at the group is end of Feb.

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All it has done is rain the past week and stayed just above freezing. My neighbor has a stream in his yard. IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR THIS TO BE SNOW?!

I'm lowkey obsessed with the reindeer design in Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer. They are so under appreciated.

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Watched Puss in Boots: The Last Wish last night, and yeah yeah yeah the Death Wolf, I get it furry fandom, sure, he’s great. But I’ve seen no love for the 3 Bears at all. I fucking love them. Baby especially but all of them. The silhouettes, the angular-yet-still-soft shapes in the faces, the approach to the fur texture on them, the animation performance. Dreamworks crushed this movie top to bottom, imo. But the Bears were my standout.
#PussinBootsTheLastWish #3Bears

I realized something today...I kinda vanished from the fandom in 2012 until about 2016. Then I went fandom "hard mode" pretty quickly. I moved up in con leadership, joined a board, got another fursuit, and was interviewed on international news within a span of only a couple of years 🤣 Lol. People keep giving me things to do- so I guess I'll just keep doing them. Can't wait to see what happens in the next couple of years!

When I see this trending I now have a trauma response of sudden panic and dread 🤣😭😭

The only reason I haven't fully left the bird site is to watch one of my favorite 90s bands own Musky fan boys.

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Please make use of this Ferris still to encourage your friends on other, less cool social media services to join the resistance.

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Worldwide Twitter Outage 

(NOTE: This is from Wednesday, December 28, 2022)

via theguardian.com/technology/202

"Twitter users have reported a massive global outage with many unable to access the website and its features.

According to Downdetected.co.uk, which tracks site traffic, the website became unavailable shortly before 11am AEDST, with outages most commonly reported on website rather than the app."

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"Finding My Fandom" from Oh Joy Sex Toy ohjoysextoy.com/finding-my-fan

Normally the site is NSFW, but this SFW comic is a lovely appreciation of furry fandom by @snares, explaining why fursonas are important and why some dive headfirst into fursuiting. I love this!

(Edit to add: The ads around the comic are definitely NSFW, so please click with care!)

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My pronouns are She/They. I'm engaged to a wonderful person, Brandon, whom you will often see with me!
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