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Hello! My name is Notch Rhino and I'm a Woolly Rhino! I'm also a Woolly Mammoth, a sabertooth cat, a dog, and a sewer rat.

I've been in the fandom for around ten years and love working on cars and electronics, photography, and music.

If you stop by, make sure to say hi and follow if you wanna keep up with all the shenanigantics that go on all the time

I lightly overclocked my PC and that somehow rolled back my BIOS to a version where my CPU isn't recognized anymore so
1) Lesson learned
2) I will still play with Overclock but only in the BIOS directly

AJ and I stopped in Nashville overnight on the way home from Texas Furry Fiesta and Centennial park sculpted some dead Ash trees into art to bring more awareness of the damage that the Ash Tree Borer has wrecked on an entire species of tree. Very interesting as art and good to bring a bit more awareness to the issue.

Put in a quote for a fursuit maker, let's see if they want to tackle a rare breed. If not then I might try to go for a MadeFurYou when they open in April

The programming stream was very successful last night. I know I'm a bit slower at coding than what I think I should be but I did implement ChatGPT into my Twitch bot last night. Had some people watching for quite a while and I appreciated that a lot and they helped me test it when I was done. I still need to rework the entire bot but I have a solid basis to work off of at least

I love how Grace's eyes shine. They're like a hazel with a flash of green in the right light. It's so cool when they shine

"Solve this riddle," the sphinx says. "Who will always have time for you?"
"Death," I say.
"What? No! It's the clock. Dude. Are you okay?"
"Do you want to talk?"
I do, and I do, and after it's all come out I feel better.
"It's not the clock," I tell the sphinx, "it's you."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

Metroid Prime full screen static effect texture would require too much memory and GameCube only had 24MB. solution?
texture is generated using the current RAM data which is the game running itself, and it looks like noise. #gamedev

My art production has stalled out a little but I am working on some new stuff! Until then here’s one of my favorite older pieces. Very large watercolor fox (24”x36”).

Simple vulpine perfection.
#MastoArt #FediArt #watercolor #fox #foxes #animals

So I made my own Twitch bot because I don't trust the broadly available 'free' bot services. I'm also a programmer so I figured it would be a great mental exercise. I've been curious about ChatGPT and got an API key so I can integrate it into my Twitch bot, Lummy. For context, ChatGPT has many different models I can use at different prices and I was figuring out prices so I didn't pay much, here's the last interaction I had before giving up

Needing to distract myself I deleted Reddit from my phone, pray for my sanity for a few days and expect me to be on here more as I still don't want to use birdsite all that much

So I have this old shirt I wore in middle school, so I think it's like 20 years old now ( I liked wearing big shirts at the time, idk, early 2000's style was weird) and I found it and thought I lost it. While there's multiple issues with it now I decided to at least fix the pocket on the front to not be torn anymore! It isn't perfect and the thread is the wrong color but now it has even more personality than before

It's nice out, I seasoned my new cast iron skillet (before it gets permanently turns into a smoke box for my smoker), I oiled up the hinges to a few of my basement windows and got them opened, all the windows are opened and it's a great time to air out the house and get that wonderful teaser of spring

Medical issues concern about flying 

So I had a stroke about a year ago and the last time I was on a plane (well before the stroke) I was having weird tingles in the leg that had active clots in it. For that reason I will be driving from Ohio to Dallas Texas for TFF. Oh boy it's a haul but I'd rather that than weird pressure issues on a plane and brain issues.

Feeling down? Not a great start to the week this week? Have some Hope! Sitting at 11 pounds even, Hope provides enough meeps and beeps and requires a lot of pets to help you out

Thursday has a high of 72 and a low of 27, that will be an exciting day I'm sure

Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?

📸: DarteriRoo
🧵: @thefuzzfactory

I know I'm streaming tonight, I'm just not totally sure what I'll be playing. Could be a FNAF fangame, could be a totally new game, or it could be more DBD with friends, but I'll be streaming tonight, so keep an eye out for an announcement

Twitch Stream announcement 

I'm going to be checking out the new System Shock remake demo on stream! I'm not sure what I'm doing afterwards but it'll probably be horror related. I'll be over at

I went into the office for a presentation for my current client and grabbed my original prototype Planck keyboard. It looks rough but it still works great, I figured it would last like a week and it's been almost 3 years maybe

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