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Hello! My name is Notch Rhino and I'm a Woolly Rhino! I'm also a Woolly Mammoth, a sabertooth cat, a dog, and a sewer rat.

I've been in the fandom for around ten years and love working on cars and electronics, photography, and music.

If you stop by, make sure to say hi and follow if you wanna keep up with all the shenanigantics that go on all the time

Getting back into #BotW again, so here's Hylian NPC Orin, hearty radish farmer. :>

So oddly enough, this is totally legal in Ohio. We had an Ohio furry car enthusiasts meetup and this happened, because of course it did

I had no idea that Taco Tuesday is a trademarked phrase and the owner, Taco John's, enforces it all the time and Taco Bell is fighting it to try and remove the trademark.

Grace likes to curl up into the curl of a fursuit tail. I don't know if it's because it's warm or she blends in better it sure is cute

I had put an offer on some land in Southern Ohio. 14.2 acres, unlivable home, workable garage. Land in area is $1-2k/acre so made an offer of $40k, realtor got back to me someone made an offer of $71000, Cash! I can't make that work and that shouldn't be anywhere near that price but good luck to the new owner, stay off our land, lol

So @aj sent me a link for a Hackaday article that someone made their own Stream Deck pedals, which I didn't even know was a thing. It uses some basic switches, a Pi Pico and a 3D printed enclosure so for around $7 I built this! It works amazing like it was an actual set of pedals! Way more fragile but I can just remake it if I break something. Actual Elgato pedals are $90.

notices bulge OwO what's this?

lithium-ion battery:

I worked on my taxes this weekend and it turns out that the one check I got from short term disability didn't deduct any taxes so I had to pay out over a grand for that, thanks MetLife on making sure I'm taken care of during one of the most challenging times of my life!

I lightly overclocked my PC and that somehow rolled back my BIOS to a version where my CPU isn't recognized anymore so
1) Lesson learned
2) I will still play with Overclock but only in the BIOS directly

AJ and I stopped in Nashville overnight on the way home from Texas Furry Fiesta and Centennial park sculpted some dead Ash trees into art to bring more awareness of the damage that the Ash Tree Borer has wrecked on an entire species of tree. Very interesting as art and good to bring a bit more awareness to the issue.

Put in a quote for a fursuit maker, let's see if they want to tackle a rare breed. If not then I might try to go for a MadeFurYou when they open in April

The programming stream was very successful last night. I know I'm a bit slower at coding than what I think I should be but I did implement ChatGPT into my Twitch bot last night. Had some people watching for quite a while and I appreciated that a lot and they helped me test it when I was done. I still need to rework the entire bot but I have a solid basis to work off of at least

I love how Grace's eyes shine. They're like a hazel with a flash of green in the right light. It's so cool when they shine

"Solve this riddle," the sphinx says. "Who will always have time for you?"
"Death," I say.
"What? No! It's the clock. Dude. Are you okay?"
"Do you want to talk?"
I do, and I do, and after it's all come out I feel better.
"It's not the clock," I tell the sphinx, "it's you."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

Metroid Prime full screen static effect texture would require too much memory and GameCube only had 24MB. solution?
texture is generated using the current RAM data which is the game running itself, and it looks like noise. #gamedev

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