Fun fact:
Fallout 1, for DOS & Windows 95 shipped with a screensaver for Win 95. Windows 11 still uses the same *.scr files for screensavers. Soooo, it still works!

Heard it's #PortfolioDay today... So let me introduce what I am doing:

I'm a hobby photographer mainly in the fields of #TravelPhotography and #Portraits of #Fursuits

Love to travel the world and doing photoshoots especially with realistic fursuits. When not doing that I am an engineer/scientist in the field of power semiconductors.

job search, boost please :boost_ok: 

((no offers yet, ty all for the support, still need more help though))

hi, im an autistic adult looking for fully remote work in data entry. i type 100 WPM+ with years of computer experience and i'm fully available all times of day except thursday afternoon. i keep getting contacted by indeed scams so the website is unusable. if you know a real company looking for fully remote data entry workers, please contact me.

#wfh #jobsearching #dataentry #GetFediHired

A beautiful new wok @NotchRhino got me for Xmas! I've already used it twice and love it!

Sick, body fluids 

The fun thing about throwing up all the hot wings you ate 12 hrs ago, is that it's all still hot. So very hot ><

It's been a hell of a week.'s Monday, my dude.

If your mastodon instance is near capacity and you want to suggest a place for newbies, my instance is now open to others. Feel free to pass them this invite or use it yourself. This is a furry themed LGBT+ friendly instance.

#twittermigration #invite #mastodonmigration

Some tips for new members:

-Third party Mastodon apps are better than official apps. On Android try Tusky or Fedilab. On iPhone/iPad try Toot!

-If you're looking for people to follow see here:

-This place isn't normally slow! There's a massive influx of new people today, the servers may be slow/buggy while they get upgraded.

-Servers are all independent and run by volunteers out of their own pocket, there are no ads or investors or trackers. Support your server!

Dinner is served.
Made @NotchRhino and myself so meatloaf from scratch, complete with home made ketchup and rustic smashed potatoes.

Can Tartuffe be the mascot for Mastadon? Pretty please. Yes yes he's a mammoth and this is Mastadon but most people don't know the difference! 📸:@SirDrewTheFree on Twitter

You can opt into and Advanced web view interface. Giving you a Tweetdeck like experience.


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