Delta agent while boarding my 4th connection flight home: Anyone ever tell yah you look like Mark Zuckerberg?

Me: 😐

Self conscious inner thoughts: Do I look like I have to breath through my skin and have to exert conscious effort to look human? 😧

Printed direct to key with a UV inkjet printer. Meet Mike. Mike ma housekey.

I don't know... Err...
I hope we were given the right key here??

Oh well, probably fine.

Had a good cardio workout. Did heart rate intervals between 125 and 150 BPM. Cool to see the peaks flatten out as the workout kept going.

Spending Late Xmas/Early New Years with family and @Venaul. Sister comes in:

Sister: I making a Fox River cocktail. Who wants one?

Me: Was it made upstream or down stream of the fox?

Improvising some custard toast this morning to work through some of the ricotta I have in inventory.

Ummmm...what's that in the window above the tapas place? And do either of them kiss boys? >.>...

Just to share some happy stuff. Spectrum guys got my internet up just before the Elliot shenanigans started. Whoever was suffering on that bucket truck fixing the tap in the last hour deserves time and a half and wish them a happy holidays!

Must... destroy.... Christmas decorations!! #fursuitfriday #fursuit

Photo by luvtail on Twitter.

While I'm settling in here, I'll post my most recent* commission. My sona, Weaver jamming away, painted by Wolfbane.W on FA who did an amazing job!

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