Country fried steak breakfast this morning. Soon to be followed by a country fried nap. 🤤😴

Fun fact:
Fallout 1, for DOS & Windows 95 shipped with a screensaver for Win 95. Windows 11 still uses the same *.scr files for screensavers. Soooo, it still works!

Just thinkin' 'bout stuff... You know, like paws... I bet you're thinkin' 'bout paws now too... ;3 🐾💜

Arts by Azshara Kletete (

UPDATED: Hack Your Lives (Parent Non-Profit Company of DEFCON Furs) will be having its 2022 public Annual Board Meeting on February 22nd, 2023 8:00pm PST

You can join the live stream on YouTube:

Exciting news! DEFCON Furs 2022 badge PCB board manufacturing has begun.

PCBs are expected in 2 weeks at the domestic assembly shop. Keep an eye on your inbox for the latest update & more information. Once assembly starts, we will have a timeline for the final badge shipping dates.

Delta agent while boarding my 4th connection flight home: Anyone ever tell yah you look like Mark Zuckerberg?

Me: 😐

Self conscious inner thoughts: Do I look like I have to breath through my skin and have to exert conscious effort to look human? 😧

Printed direct to key with a UV inkjet printer. Meet Mike. Mike ma housekey.

I don't know... Err...
I hope we were given the right key here??

Oh well, probably fine.

Had a good cardio workout. Did heart rate intervals between 125 and 150 BPM. Cool to see the peaks flatten out as the workout kept going.

Spending Late Xmas/Early New Years with family and @Venaul. Sister comes in:

Sister: I making a Fox River cocktail. Who wants one?

Me: Was it made upstream or down stream of the fox?

Improvising some custard toast this morning to work through some of the ricotta I have in inventory.

Ummmm...what's that in the window above the tapas place? And do either of them kiss boys? >.>...

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