Country fried steak breakfast this morning. Soon to be followed by a country fried nap. 🤤😴

Had a good cardio workout. Did heart rate intervals between 125 and 150 BPM. Cool to see the peaks flatten out as the workout kept going.

Improvising some custard toast this morning to work through some of the ricotta I have in inventory.

Ummmm...what's that in the window above the tapas place? And do either of them kiss boys? >.>...

Welp been a long time since I was sick and it WASN'T covid so I guess that's a win?

Did my test before heading out to ! Please get tested before the con if you have the means!

Halo has an anthropomorphic spartan turkey as its mascot today... I'm playing Halo.

Hey all! Just my . I'm a cybersecurity professional, gamer, maker, and obviously a . Co-admin of made for a group of furries in my area.

Happy to see the community growing! Feel free to dm me for any advice on making your own Mastodon instance for your friends. If you're a techie, maker or fellow enthusiast follow me and I promise I'll respond in kind!

Keep on toot'n y'all!


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