Country fried steak breakfast this morning. Soon to be followed by a country fried nap. 🤤😴

Fun fact:
Fallout 1, for DOS & Windows 95 shipped with a screensaver for Win 95. Windows 11 still uses the same *.scr files for screensavers. Soooo, it still works!

Just thinkin' 'bout stuff... You know, like paws... I bet you're thinkin' 'bout paws now too... ;3 🐾💜

Arts by Azshara Kletete (

UPDATED: Hack Your Lives (Parent Non-Profit Company of DEFCON Furs) will be having its 2022 public Annual Board Meeting on February 22nd, 2023 8:00pm PST

You can join the live stream on YouTube:

Exciting news! DEFCON Furs 2022 badge PCB board manufacturing has begun.

PCBs are expected in 2 weeks at the domestic assembly shop. Keep an eye on your inbox for the latest update & more information. Once assembly starts, we will have a timeline for the final badge shipping dates.

Pine Phone Pro.

4 efficiency and 2 performance arm cores
4 GB ram
16 GB emmc (if I remember right)
SD card slot...bootable B3

Not a daily driver but comes with KDE Mobile pre flashed and I'm going to setup SD cards for Ubuntu Touch and Glodroid.

Saaaaaaame. But I'm also thinking of doing Mad River this weekend.

Delta agent while boarding my 4th connection flight home: Anyone ever tell yah you look like Mark Zuckerberg?

Me: 😐

Self conscious inner thoughts: Do I look like I have to breath through my skin and have to exert conscious effort to look human? 😧

Printed direct to key with a UV inkjet printer. Meet Mike. Mike ma housekey.

Glad to hear the experience has been so positive for you! Always good to have good fuzz to wag tails with in VR!

Introspection, medical issues 

I'm going for CKAD right now and could loop yah into what I'm learning! Also doing AWS certs. Hit me up! :3

Hell, if that tickles your fancy let me know. I could use some more live edge planks to play with XD!

There's a place on the south side that may be able to mill some planks off that and you could make a live edge table or two with it.

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