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Just to share some happy stuff. Spectrum guys got my internet up just before the Elliot shenanigans started. Whoever was suffering on that bucket truck fixing the tap in the last hour deserves time and a half and wish them a happy holidays!

Must... destroy.... Christmas decorations!! #fursuitfriday #fursuit

Photo by luvtail on Twitter.

While I'm settling in here, I'll post my most recent* commission. My sona, Weaver jamming away, painted by Wolfbane.W on FA who did an amazing job!

Show the beans? You got it!

Tempo and his shiny, shiny paw beans!

📷 @nightdragon0

#Fursuit #FursuitFriday

Sexy fursuit pose! 

There's a jackal on my bed looking at me like this... 💦 What should I do?
最もセクシーなジャッカルを見つけました!😻 #FursuitFriday #けもがしま

fursuits, ec 

It's #Fursuit FSaturday, y'all!
*holds up traffic*

🐶 AvWuff, RK
🐰 Clouwy
📷 Kookie Mutt

What level of furry are you?

🎗️Have a fursona
🥉Have a fursuit
🥈Have multiple fursonas/suits
🥇1k+ furry followers on twitter
🎖️1k+ furry followers on Mastodon
🏆 An Alibaba retailer has cloned your fursuit/stolen your furry art

Dinner is served.
Made @NotchRhino and myself so meatloaf from scratch, complete with home made ketchup and rustic smashed potatoes.

Welp been a long time since I was sick and it WASN'T covid so I guess that's a win?

Yankee Roodle🦘 went to town

They were feeling VOREny 🤤

Stuffed their pouch with some feta 🧀

And called them Ravioli! 🥟

Midwest @FurFest 2022:
450 insanely talented and dedicated staff members.
13,641 attendees.
$106,283.66 raised for our charity, Street Dog Coalition.

This weekend has been nothing short of incredible, and I could not be happier.

Now I'm gonna go sleep for week.

Fursuit/Mascot picture 

I don't know who this is but I love this fursuit. The limited lighting really made the eyes pop

Did my test before heading out to ! Please get tested before the con if you have the means!

Please remember to use image descriptions for pictures. This not only helps the visually impaired, but also helps people who may not immediately understand what they're looking at. :blobfoxhappy:

Doesn't have to be an essay, a sentence or two will do. Check out these examples.

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